The electronic eSignus Card allows you to check and sign bank transactions with maximum safety.

Integrated display.
eSignus Card shows the transaction data before the user accepts to sign it.

Numeric keypad.
eSignus Card is locked with a secure PIN code.

Integrated Bluetooth.
eSignus Card exchanges data with the bank easily and completely safe.


This solution is far safer than any other system on the market since eSignus Card is immune to both: hardware and software attacks. This enables its use on any computer, even if it might be infected by virus or malware.

  1. It does not require the use of additional security measures at the client’s computer such as antivirus, firewalls, and operative System’s continuous security fixes. It is safe even when used in virus-infected computers.
  2. It is immune to hardware attacks because all the communication is done wirelessly.
  3. It can also be used as a One Time Password generator (OTP) and even as an electronic wallet.
  4. It is fully customizable electronically through its integrated e-Ink display.
  5. Standard format of traditional credit card (85×55 mm).